Teen Health Workshops

We want you to make your own smart and informed decisions.

Did you ever wonder about relationships? About sex? What is abstinence? What about STDs/HIV and can you get them? If these are some of the questions you wonder about, there’s a great place to find the real answers to those questions.

TAKE 5 Teen Health Workshops are for ages 12-18 who want to know all about sexual health. The TAKE 5 Teen Health Workshops are free and presented in one day. It will cover topics like:

  • Healthy Relationships TAKE 5 Teen Health Workshops
  • Puberty
  • STIs and HIV
  • Abstinence, Birth Control and Pregnancy
  • Negotiation and Decision-Making Skills
  • Online Safety
  • Any topics you might have questions about

We also provide:

  • Snacks, drinks, and lunch
  • Choice of $10 Gift Card (iTunes or Regal Gift card)
  • Certificate of Completion

See our events to find out when and where the next workshop will be and then grab a friend and join us.