“Straight to college for snuggery work”

June 16th, 2015

I have a bright future! I would love to graduate high school when I’m eighteen years old then go straight to college for snuggery work. I have wanted to work with babies for a while now. They make me so happy, but you have to know when it is time to start having a family. I have to be respectful and be able to stay on birth control and have safe sex until I’m old enough and ready for a family. If I have a baby right now, I’ll ruin my life…the baby’s life and the baby daddy’s life because we would all be struggling. My body is not even done growing yet, so how could I carry a baby??!! OOOUUUUCHHHH.   Mothers are brave, is all I’ve got to say. It’s too bad people have to be so selfish and just think about themselves and not the consequences. –Teen, Age 14