I have a bright future ahead of me…I don’t want to risk anything!

June 7th, 2016

In my future, I see myself attending the Culinary Institute of America. Many say this is a huge goal, but with hard work and determination, I believe I will eventually get there. I have a very big support system; friends, family, teachers and even coaches who look for the best in me. I know they will be by my side, pushing me through tough times.

If I were to become pregnant, it would have a very big impact on my future. Colleges look for talented, hardworking people and it will be difficult if you have a baby to look after that is counting on you. How will you be able to study for a test if you have to care for a child/baby? You won’t be able to pay for your child because you won’t have a good paying job. Often, you’ll find yourself struggling to make ends meet as life becomes very challenging once you have a baby to care for.

If I were to have sex, and wish not to get pregnant, I would use protection. Condoms and birth control are very effective ways to avoid pregnancy. Although, abstinence is the most effective way to not get pregnant, condoms and birth control are a close second. Remember condoms only reduce the risk of avoiding pregnancy and are not 100% effective.

For me, I would reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancy by using abstinence. I plan to stay safe and always be responsible. I have a bright future ahead of me, and I don’t want to risk anything!! Teen, Age 14