Getting Ready to See a Doctor

There are many things to think about before going to the doctor about your sexual health. Here are a few things to consider:

Teen Sex Health

Call the doctor’s office and make an appointment. Tell the person you are making the appointment with what your visit will be about so that they can schedule the right amount of time for you and your doctor to talk. (i.e. birth control, STI/HIV testing, etc.) Helpful tip: When you call for your appointment, you may want to ask about the cost and when you will be required to pay.

Let the doctor’s office know how to contact you. If you don’t want a message left on your family’s answering machine, be sure to give them instructions on how to reach you.

It’s important to think about how you will pay for your visit before you see a doctor for your reproductive health appointment.

Payment/insurance options you can use, how they work, and how confidential they are.

doctor with male patient

Your Parent’s Insurance

If you are covered under your parent’s health insurance, how much is the co-pay (the money you pay in addition to the money the insurance company pays) and how will you pay it?   Using your parent’s insurance will result in your parents getting an explanation of benefits statement (EOB) in the mail or electronically which will show them who was seen, what they were seen for, and how much the insurance company covered for the services. If this visit needs to be confidential, this may not be the best way to pay for your visit.

Don’t let lack of insurance keep you from getting the health care you need. We have ways to help you.

No Insurance/Confidential Appointment

If you don’t have insurance or don’t want to use your parent’s insurance, you may apply for a special insurance that covers reproductive health issues. The Family Planning Benefit Program is an insurance coverage that people can get to help them get FREE services related to pregnancy prevention including confidential counseling, birth control services, emergency contraception (EC) and more. To find out more, call 518-792-7841 and ask about the Family Planning Benefit Program.  

Hudson Headwaters Health Network offers assistance through a Sliding Fee Program. You will have to provide information on yourself and your family to apply. To find out if this program would work for you, call 1-888-624-0226.