TAKE 5:  Teen Health Workshops …

“It was very informational and fun to do with my friends! I’ll use this information for the rest of my life!” Age 13

Join our FREE five-hour multimedia health workshops featuring the Be Proud! Be Responsible! evidence-based curriculum for teens ages 12 to 18 focusing on risk reduction and sexual health and wellness.

Each workshop provides facts and information to help teens delay sexual activity; prevent unplanned pregnancy and STD/HIV infections.

We provide snacks, water, and at the program completion, youth receive a special Gift Card!

Upcoming Program Dates:  Check Back Later

Please note:  Transportation assistance may be available for you to attend one of these workshops…ask about this when you register!.

*Advanced registration and parental permission is required.
Programs are FREE and remain CONFIDENTIAL!

Testimonials from youth!


“I like how we were given real life situations and could hear different perspectives from others! The instructors are great too, and make you feel comfortable!” Age 14

“I really liked doing hands on activities & learning all of the consequences that can come when participating in sexual activities” Age 12

“I think having kids know so much knowledge about how dangerous STDs are is so important! Great time, when’s the next program?!” Age 15

“I thought this program helped me understand safe sex and relationships in more depth and helped prepare me when the time is right.” Age 15