Our Mission

Educating teens in Warren & Washington Counties about responsible choices to avoid early pregnancy and parenting

Encouraging Teens

Living life to its fullest potential…through positive attitudes, healthy behaviors and practical life skills,  many young people are able to confidently make informed, safe, and responsible choices about issues like relationships, abstinence, sex, and contraception that impact their future goals and dreams.

Do you know the facts?
It is up to you to make your own smart and informed decisions.

The TAG (Teen Awareness Group) program provides activities and opportunities to help reduce local teen pregnancy, STI/STD’s and HIV/AIDS rates; thereby improving health outcomes for young people within Warren and Washington counties.

Specific activities include:

    • Providing teen health education workshops utilizing proven evidence-based comprehensive sexual health education curricula that encourages abstinence and risk reduction behaviors;
    • Providing educational materials and support to schools and community organizations on adolescent health and development topics; including after-school and summer programs;
    • Promoting family communication and community education to increase awareness of adolescent sexuality and development topics;
    • Helping to improve teens access to reproductive health care and family planning services in their community; and
    • Building community linkages and support for healthy adolescent development and successful transition into adulthood.
What is CAPP?

The Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (CAPP) is operated by Hudson Headwaters Health Network and is funded through a grant from the New York State Department of Health, Division of Family Health.  The Teen Awareness Group operates under this grant programming.

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