Evidence Based Sexual Health Curriculum
Risky Behaviors, Pregnancy & STD/HIV Prevention, Abstinence and Teen Sexuality

Relationships & Dating Violence, Bullying and Social Media

Alcohol, Self Esteem, Peer Pressure and Influence of Popular Culture

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Evidence Based Sexual Health Education Programming: 

School and Community Education Presentations Available 

As part of a statewide initiative, Hudson Headwaters Health Network can provide your school district or community group with an evidence-based comprehensive sexual health program.  We bring our materials and knowledge to your youth to help them increase their knowledge as well as examine their beliefs and behaviors that will result in increased levels of healthy outcomes.  Our goals are to help reduce the rates of unplanned teen pregnancy and STI (including HIV) infections in our region.  Our programming is interactive, fun and informational…youth really like the program!  So if we can come to your classroom, present an afterschool program, or bring the program to your community; we want to hear from you!


Be Proud! Be Responsible! Fourth Edition
A six-part curriculum that provides adolescents with the knowledge, motivation and skills necessary to change their behaviors in ways that will reduce their risk of pregnancy or contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. To change behavior, adolescents need not only information and a perception of personal vulnerability, but also the skills and confidence in their ability to act safely. The curriculum consists of six 50-minute sessions and has been evaluated and recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as a “Program That Works”  Chart of NYS Standards and Performance Indicators addressed and assessed by this curriculum.


We also have a number of DVDs on various topics that may be of interest to your classroom or youth group.  Check out our listing below:

Risky Behaviors, Pregnancy & STD/HIV Prevention, Abstinence and Teen Sexuality

Risky Behavior: The Dark Side of Bad Choices  Curriculum Guide: DVD, discussion guide, student worksheets, and resources.  By viewing the video and completing the activities in the resource book students will gain a deeper understanding of the many ways that risk can be positive or negative.

Sexting: Sex Plus Text Equals Trouble  part of the  Bullying and Sex Facts for High School Series, -DVD.  Real life scenarios are presented along with the resulting consequences affecting a teenager’s personal social and future life. 30 min.

Skills for Healthy Living: Sex and Consequences -DVD and lesson plan – curriculum units: The Safest Choice and Teen Parents. 30 min.

Sex Facts: Teens and STDs  -part of the  Bullying and Sex Facts for High School Series, – DVD- As teenagers become sexually active, STDs become a major risk.  Realistic STD prevention methods are presented, while differences between birth control and STD inhibitors are identified. 30 min.

Let’s Talk About Sex -DVD-A revealing look at how American attitudes toward adolescent sexuality impact today’s teenagers. 63 min.

Scenarios USA movies–DVDs- written by teens that have won the “What’s the REAL DEAL?” contest and directed by some of Hollywood’s preeminent talent. DVD’s also contain lesson plans for each film.

  • The choices we make Young lovers struggle to make the right decision about becoming parents. The film addresses relationships, fatherhood, unintended pregnancy, and abortion.  16 min.
  • Just like you imagined? Six teens hope to avoid heartbreak, HIV, and hard truths about their relationships while remaining to who they are. The film addresses HIV, pregnancy, testing, sexual orientation and taking responsibility. 9 min.
  • From an objective point of view  Two best friends make a pact not to have sex without consulting the other. With their agreement on the verge of being broken the result is an honest look at teenage desire.  The film deals with decision-making, prevention, abstinence, and issues of gender. 10 min.
  • Reflections Addresses HIV testing, self-esteem, communication, drugs, dating, commitment and friendship. 19 min.
  • The Shortest of the Shorts A collection of four short films examining HIV, prevention, communication, abstinence, peer pressure and decision making. 3 to 9 minutes each

Silence ain’t Sexy DVD- reinforces an overall message to “stop, think, and talk before you jump in bed.” Teens speak candidly about a taboo subject-sex. Includes interactive study guide. 26 min.

Girls—Moving Beyond Myth DVD- Focuses on the sexual dilemmas and difficult life choices young girls face in the contemporary America culture. 28 min.

The Gloucester 18-The Realities of Teen Pregnancy -DVD-Drawing on interviews with the girls, their families, high school counselors, physicians, and media personalities, the film explores the complicated emotional and practical challenges faced by teen parents. 67 minutes

Girl, Positive – DVD –  A popular high school girl finds out that the boy she had unprotected sex with is HIV positive.  87 min.

16 and Pregnant-season 1 -DVD- and discussion guide. Six episodes at 48 min. each

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Relationships & Dating Violence, Bullying and Social Media

The Ten Signs of Relationship Abuse  Curriculum Guide: DVD, discussion guide, student worksheets, and resources.  Combining powerful interviews of battered and verbally abused teens with expert commentary, video delivers key facts about dating abuse. Teen speakers and dating abuse experts offer helpful advice on how teens can get away from potentially unhealthy, dangerous relationships. Includes Pre- and Post-Tests

Choose Respect – Causing Pain: Real Stories of Dating Abuse and Violence  Curriculum Guide: DVD, discussion guide, student worksheets, and resources.  A national initiative to help youth ages 11-14 form healthy relationships to prevent dating abuse before it starts.

Dating Matters: Understanding Teen Dating Violence Prevention DVD – Definitions and statistics, risk and protective factors, making healthy choices and resources.

Reviving Ophelia  DVD- Inspired by the bestselling book this movie addresses issues of trust, peer  pressure and dating violence. 92 min.

Bullying: There’s Always a Way Out part of the  Bullying and Sex Facts for High School Series-DVD- Jr. & Sr. High School students present real-life scenarios of bullying, including bullying through the internet, texts and video.

Dangers of Social Media  DVD – subjects covered include: benefits and dangers of social networking sites, what should you not post, impact of incriminating and inappropriate info, effect on employment and felony charges associated with texting. 18 min.

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Alcohol, Self Esteem, Peer Pressure and Influence of Popular Culture

Spin the Bottle-Sex Lies and Alcohol -DVD – a critique of the role that contemporary popular cultures plays in glamorizing excessive drinking and high risk behaviors. 44 min. intended for older teens

Scenarios USA movies

  • Me, Myself & I  A high school girl learns to make choices for herself regardless of what others think. Addresses gender stereotypes, peer pressure and self-confidence. 12 min.
  • A Memoir to my Former Self Examines body image by looking at self esteem, peer pressure, identity and friendship. 15 min.
  • All Falls Down addresses decision making by looking at the influences of friendship, communication, peer pressure, substance abuse and self esteem. 13 min.

Boys to men? The DVD consists of four films; Are you Listening? (52 minutes) features several teenage boys from different ethnic, racial and class backgrounds offing insights into their own experiences and the meaning of manhood in America. The three additional pieces-Spencer, Cisco, and A-Tran (30 minutes) – illuminates the lives of three 15 year old boys over one year as they navigate the daily challenges of school, family, and American society.

Tough Guise An educational video geared toward college and high school students to systematically examine the relationship between images of popular culture and social construction of masculine identities in the US. 56 minutes

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Links to Education Resources for the Classroom

Whether you are someone new to the field of sex education or trying to stay abreast of the latest effective programs and resources, Advocates for Youth can help. Explore the Sex Ed Center for lesson plans, curricula, national standards, and state legislation

KidsHealth in the Classroom offers educators free health curriculum materials for all grades and subject areas. Each Teacher’s Guide includes discussion questions, activities, and reproducible handouts and quizzes – all aligned to national health education standards.

http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/  An international public and private partnership in support for LGBTQ youth. The Safe Schools Coalition offers resources as a starting point for educators, parents/guardians and youth.

Answer, part of the Center for Applied Psychology at Rutgers University, is a national organization dedicated to providing and promoting comprehensive sexuality education in the United States.

SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) works to make sure that information, knowledge, and skills are within everybody’s reach.

Research, Facts and Findings: Stages of Adolescent Development” (ACT for Youth Upstate Center of Excellence)

Developing Adolescents – A Reference for Professionals” (American Psychological Association)

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE) offers educational materials about suicide. http://www.save.org/
The Teen Health and the Media Web site is a virtual meeting place for teens, parents, educators, health professionals, and others who share a strong commitment to teen health. Using the power of media literacy, we encourage young people to make healthy choices and to interact with the media both as critical viewers and creators.

Explore the use of media literacy as a strategy for abstinence education. Based on Washington’s nationally acclaimed Teen Aware Project, this site offers a vast collection of curriculum resources for adults working with teens in this mediated world.

GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, is the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe schools for all students. GLSEN seeks to develop school climates where difference is valued for the positive contribution it makes to creating a more vibrant and diverse community.

The Religious Institute is a progressive religious website featuring sexuality information for people interested in faith or already aligned to a certain religion. Be sure to check out their unique “Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing.”

FoSE…Creating a national dialogue about the future of sex education and to promote the institutionalization of comprehensive sexuality education in public schools.

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. Trevor Workshop Guide, a classroom tool to be used in conjunction with the short film, Trevor, to constructively generate discussion about the myriad of issues surrounding suicide, personal identity and sexual orientation.


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