Get Tested and Know Your Status

Get tested to protect yourself and your partner. It’s so important to stay informed about your Sex Health, both short-term and long-term.





We all know you can’t judge a book by its cover but did you know it’s also true that you can’t tell if a person has an STI (sexually transmitted infection) or HIV just by looking at them. The scary fact is that most people who are sexually active could have an STD or HIV and not even know it. That means they can also pass it along without knowing too.

  • STIs are broken down into three types: bacterial, parasitic, and viral.
  • Some STIs are curable (bacterial and parasitic – go away after taking medicine prescribed by a doctor) while others are only treatable (viral – they are a lifelong and can be managed with medications prescribed by a doctor).
  • STIs, including HIV, can be passed along to another person through sexual contact, sharing needles (including those used for tattoos and piercings), and from mother to child during pregnancy/birth, and breastfeeding. (The body fluids that can transmit STIs, including HIV, are blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and breastmilk.)

Getting tested and finding out your status is simple, easy and quick. Here’s a short video about our FREE local STI testing clinic to help you know what to expect.

 STD Testing Clinic


So, where should you go for testing? That’s totally up to you. You can ask your doctor to test you, but be sure that you are specific and tell them what STI you want to be tested for because STI testing is not routine.

If you are looking for FREE testing services that are confidential, check out these local resources:

The HIV/AIDS Program of Hudson Headwaters Health Network

Testing is done at many locations & at flexible times including HHHN Health Center clinics, the Program Offices in Glens Falls, Warren/Washington & Saratoga County Public Health clinics, college campuses, and substance abuse centers.  Times and days vary, please call for more information or check our webpage.

  • Call your Doctor to set up an appointment to talk about sex healthRapid HIV Testing in many locations
  • Coordination for access to care
  • Counseling & support services
  • Community education
  • Protective barriers
  • Educational materials

For Testing & Counseling Information, call (518) 669-6899
For Program Services, call (518) 761-0300, Ext 31850 or 31856

Warren and Washington County Health Services

FREE & Confidential Walk-In HIV/STD Clinic – Every Tuesday Night 6:00pm-7:00pm

Services include screening for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, symptomatic visuals for herpes and HPV (genital warts), Rapid HIV Testing (results in 20 minutes), and Hepatitis A and B vaccinations.  Testing and treatment is available at Warren Co. Municipal Building, Warren Co. Public Health, Door #6, Rt. 9 at Exit 20, Queensbury

Washington County Public Health at 518-746-2400
Warren County Public Health at 518-761-6580

Washington County Public Health

Offers HIV testing by appointment at the Annex building located at 415 Lower Main St., Hudson Falls.

Washington County Public Health at 518-746-2400

We can even help pay for your gas to get to STI or HIV testing services if you need help! Click here to request a $10 Stewart’s Gas Card